Circopomp trensetter

HELP mee HVAC producten in te zamelen

Circularity is a catch-all term that is talked about a lot, but lacks concrete actions. That’s why affiliated market leaders in HVAC technology are getting in on the act with Circopomp.

Together, we collect old HVAC products to give them a second life. Thus, we do not waste resources, reduce CO2 emissions and help our fellow man. For ourselves, for our children and the next generations.

Join us and become a circular trendsetter too!

Circopomp logo HVAC techniek

You are among the trendsetters of the Netherlands

by taking your circular responsibility you are helping to build a better future

You give products a second life

so you do not waste valuable materials, reduce CO2 and water consumption

You care about your fellow man

creating social work together for people at a disadvantage in the labor market

You will be recognized

you know what you are talking about and why you are participating

You respond to new customer requirements

consumers and businesses increasingly expect a circular solution, you're not just talking circular but you're actively working on it